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At ATF we host supplier events regularly for our customers. Most of the events are held in collaboration with our suppliers. We invite suppliers such as TIMco, Trend, Hodgson Sealants and DeWalt to promote some of their products and offer deals to our customers, whilst we serve free sausage sandwiches. These events are popular and are an added benefit for our customers’ loyalty. Here I will give an overview of some of the events we have held in the past.

Breakfast Morning – Hodgson Sealants

Hodgson Sealants are a leading UK manufacturer of quality sealants and adhesives. We stock several of their products such as PowerBond, Silfix U9/LM, Mirror Adhesive and Aquacaulk. We held a product launch event for PowerBond. This was to help generate interest in the new product and demonstrate its strength. To do this we hosted a competition to see whether ATF customers could pull apart two pieces of metal that had been bonded together with PowerBond – no one managed it!

PowerBond Product Launch

Breakfast Morning Event – Trend

Trend visited an ATF supplier event on 1st November 2019. We are a Trend Gold Stockist, meaning we stock large amounts of Trend products in store. On this day, we had several great Trend offers. The Trend T5 & T10 Routers were on a brilliant offer to be sold on that day at a very competitive price. We also had the Trend Air Stealth Masks and the Compact Storage Systems on offer. As well as having some great promotions organised, two Trend staff members joined us at the event and offered demonstrations on some of their woodworking products, which can all be purchased through ATF.

Trend Demonstrations

Breakfast Morning – Christmas Special in collaboration with TIMco

In December 2019 we hosted a ATF Christmas special event, where we held a free raffle and gave out gifts to all of our customers who visited us that day. These included prizes such as a Makita Jigsaw and a Makita 101pc Power Drill Accessory Set, a Stanley saw, and many more prizes. We served free sausage sandwiches and mince pies at the event. We also invited TIMco to the event to promote their C2 Screws. TIMco hosted a competition where customers had the chance to win a Trade Case of C2 Screws, with a guaranteed winner. Our customers had to screw 3 C2 Screws into a piece of wood in the fastest time to win. This was a very popular competition and made the event very enjoyable for everyone.

Christmas Prizes

Make sure you keep your eye out for any future ATF supplier events we hold – we email our customers with all the key information so be sure to sign up to our mailing list!

By: Maddie Cook 

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