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Shop Transformation

ATF opened its doors in 2001 and has gone through many changes since its inception. John, our Managing Director is passionate about creating both a comfortable work space for his employees, but also developing our shop floor so visiting ATF is an enjoyable experience for our customers and suppliers. Below I will show you some images exhibiting some of ATF’s transformations (there have been many renovations over the years!).

ATF in 2016

The first image was taken over 3 years ago. This image does emphasise how many products ATF stock, however, it could be seen as slightly cluttered! John knew this and so he invested time and money to improve the shop floor. In the image below, you can see that he had the back walls covered with panels of wood, the products were removed from the balcony and the power tool stand was re-organised.

New Signs & Displays

In 2018 our marketing executive Emily worked alongside Sign Studio to create some new signs for ATF, including the new logo sign. As you can see, the signs are useful for our customers as they elaborate on products ATF offer, but are not all on show in our shop, such as Builders’ Metalwork, Fire Protection, Gate & Shed Furniture and Spur Shelving & Brackets. We have a vast range of products, but due to space in our showroom, we cannot put all of our products on display. However, we have four friendly sales staff who have extensive knowledge on all of the products we stock. New signs were also created and put on our product shelves, showing our customers where the different product categories are on the shop floor.

Finished Shop 2019

This September, our counter and power tool stand have been refurbished. We have also created more space to the right of our counter, allowing us to put a range of our storage systems here, including products from Armorgard and Trend. The balcony is now far more organised, displaying our key site essential products. As you can see in the image, we have built shelving into our counter, allowing us to have more products in our showroom and have our current offer items on display. Another addition to our shop transformation is our TV, which has supplier videos, product images and our latest offers playing throughout the day.

New Architectural Ironmongery Display Boards

Our architectural ironmongery display boards have also been revamped and we have added a variety of new door handles to our range. We now have 20 door handle boards, including ranges from Zoo Hardware, Carlisle Brass and From the Anvil. I would really recommend anyone looking for new door furniture to pop into our shop and have a look at our range, there are so many different styles and finishes to choose from!

By: Maddie Cook 


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