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Architectural Ironmongers

Architectural Ironmongers (like ourselves) play a key part in the process of completing any building project. Every building project will need door handles, door hinges, locks and general door furniture to complete the venture. We advise architects, designers and contractors on the most suitable door furniture to use for their projects. This ensures the buildings under renovation are accessible and safe after completion.

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As Architectural Ironmongers, we offer advice and suggestions on the most appropriate door furniture for the project, whether this be a simple Stainless Steel 201 lever handle supplied from Zoo Hardware, or a more luxury Pewter handle supplied from From the Anvil. We understand the key differences between various types of doors. As well as, the door furniture that would best suit a particular door type. For example, there is a difference in the requirements on a standard door, a bathroom door and a fire door. We provide all the necessary door handles, hinges, locks and door closers catering for all the different requirements. This ensures the doors for our projects will functional, safe, long lasting but also look attractive.

What is an Architectural Ironmongery Schedule?

The process of choosing the relevant products includes the process of writing up an architectural ironmongery schedule. This is something we provide. An architectural ironmongery schedule is a document displaying the type of door furniture needed for each individual door. A list of the products needed will be provided as well as the costs and quantities. At ATF, when we pack our products for delivery to a project, we wrap the relevant products together and provide a number on each set which matches with the numbers on our schedule. This makes the job much easier for the installers.

An Architectural Ironmongery Schedule is important because each project will have different ironmongery requirements. For example, brand new office builds may require more contemporary door furniture with variation across the different rooms, where as a school may require a consistent design across the whole building. As an alternative, a hospital may require handles with antimicrobial features due to the high frequency of use and to minimise the spread of illnesses. We advise our clients on the most suitable type of door furniture to use, as well as supply the products needed to complete the project.

Scheduling Service


Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on our expertise and are very reliable to work with. We have worked on hundreds of different architectural ironmongery projects. These projects covering a vast range of markets from hospitals to large hotels, emphasising that we can cater our expertise across the board.

By: Marc Tills

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